Mother nature is our creative director.

“There is an emerging and strong desire to reconnect with nature in an authentic way; a way that reminds us we are human, flesh and blood, sensual and soulful. Places where our soul can play, that touch us and remind us of our essential humanity.” This is the architectural ethos that has shaped Elements of Byron.


Every aspect of the resort has been informed by the location and landscape. The main pavilion follows an organic and feminine form – low impact, single story, blurring the lines between interior and exterior spaces. In this way, it mimics the forces of nature; there are no harsh lines, every built form feels responsive to the elements – hugging a central space, or leading to new discoveries.



Elements of Byron inspires slow movement.  You stroll amongst the landscape and spectacular architecture, into an interior of intimate grandeur that leads you within to destinations that nourish and rejuvenate. The interior design draws together inspiration from water, fauna and human desire. The colour and textural palette has been inspired by the resort’s four unique natural ecologies, to capture moments of contrast that delight. The style is Australian – the interiors exude a relaxed attitude and express an individuality that is “Authentically Byron”. The Byron region is home to many great artists, from world-renowned glass blowers to specialist ceramists and painters. The resort has commissioned several local artists to produce work in various media and the diversity of the collection envelopes the resort in the language of the region. Technology and luxury merge to provide guests with up-to-the-moment pragmatic service within this natural paradise. Elements of Byron is a place to call home for a short time.