Byron Bay Massage | Osprey Spa Byron Bay | Elements of Byron


Indulge your senses, melt away tension and reconnect mind and body with one of our therapeutic massage rituals.


Pregnancy Massage

60 mins | $140 | Suitable after first trimester

Drift away with safe, nurturing and deeply relaxing massage on our specially designed pregnancy cushion. Our caring and experienced therapists will help ease tension and strain and comfort you during this special time.

Muscular Wellbeing Massage

75 mins | $165

This full-body massage draws focus on the release of tension from deeper tissues to correct muscular imbalances. If you have painful muscles as a result of stress or repetitive strain, the massage aims to restore your body’s natural harmony. Using specifically formulated “Muscle Relax” oil- a warming trio of Australian Eucalypt infused with anti-inflammatory arnica herb for long lasting effective results.

Precious Element Massage

60 mins | $140   or   90 mins | $190

This glorious full-body journey promotes the release of tension and the transfer of energy back into the body. Lager’s warmed dream blend body balm, organic herbals steamed compresses and pressure point therapy are employed to bring you back to yourself.

Hot Stone Healing & Foot Renewal

90 mins | $205

Feel stress and tension melt away under expertly guided hot, basalt stones. Combining a blend of Geranium and Clementine Oils with fluid movements to quieten and calm your mind. Your entire body will enter a state of deep relaxation under the comforting warmth of the stones. A blissful exfoliation for the feet is included in this treatment leaving you walking on air when you emerge.

Aromatherapy Relaxation Massage

60 mins | $140    or    90 mins | $190

This full-body relaxation massage combines rhythmic movements and gentle massage manipulation. Create your own journey with your choice of one of four organic natural plant oil blends.

Head, Neck & Scalp with Deep Conditioning Mask

45 mins | $115

Head & Scalp massage is an age-old healing art form of holistic therapy. It allows for relief of mental fatigue, calming of thoughts and easing of stored tension. Italian Bergamot Oil is renowned for relieving stress and assisting with conditions such as psoriasis or a dry, itch scalp. This warming mask provides deep conditioning and invites rest for the mind.


Polish It Off

45 mins | $115

Prepare your skin to be enveloped by the precious Elements of Byron Bay. Choose from LaGaia luxurious selection of exfoliation products, then lie back and feel your body transform into the most polished and refined version of itself. Complete with rainwater shower finish and luxurious LaGaia body crème application.

Mineral Immersion

90 mins | $195

Bath ritual with self-guided exfoliation | Full body massage Immerse yourself in mineral-rich waters with lightly fragranced rock crystals. This unique journey takes you on the ultimate spa experience. Begin with a full body & face exfoliation (self-guided), then let our luxury bath cleanse and purify mind, body and soul, followed by our melodic, flowing relaxation, full body massage with Dream blend Balm.


Hand Recovery

75 mins | $125

Rich in organic herbs, clays and anti-ageing ingredients, this treatment is designed to exfoliate, hydrate and restore your hands to baby soft smoothness. And for extra pampering indulgence, we’ve added a hand/arm pressure point massage with LaGaia Dream blend body balm. Happy Hands. Includes full manicure with paint.

Foot Recovery

75 mins | $125

Soothe and revitalise hard working feet with this sublime foot therapy. A through exfoliation renews the skin whilst stimulating circulation. Pressure point massage releases tension in the whole body. Organic tea compresses, arnica, lavender and peppermint are delivered to relax and soften. Happy feet. Includes full pedicure with paint.

Hand Treat or Foot Treat

30 mins | $75

Our express re-treats are super luxurious. The perfect treat for hands or feet that need a holiday boost as much as you do. Feet or hands cleansed and exfoliated with organic teas, moisturised with essential botanicals, and pressure-point massaged back to naturally brilliant life. Smooth hydration restored.