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Head to toe experiences which can be
enjoyed alone or with a friend or loved one
in our double treatment suite


Quench Body Hydration

1hr 15 mins | $250

LaGaia  Foot Ritual | Facial Cleanse | Sun Soother Body Mask & Wrap | Head & Neck  Massage

This head-to-toe quench is a copper and vitamin infused cocooning body and face treatment that takes the sting out of summer’s harsh rays. Repairing, cooling and hydrating to delicious freshness while relaxing the body and mind with a pressure-point head and neck massage.

Recommended Upgrade: LaGaia Love your Locks Hair and Scalp Treatment | 30 mins | $75

Rainforest Revival Ritual

1hr 30 mins | $225

Osprey Foot Ritual | Organic Signature Lemon Myrtle Body Scrub | Full-Body Massage

Breathe new life into the body with this uplifting, cleansing ritual. Signature scrub reveals a radiant skin while preparing the body and relaxing the mind to fully enjoy a full body massage. Using specially formulated “Muscle Relax” oil – a warming trio of Australian eucalypt infused with anti-inflammatory arnica, the massage focuses on correcting muscular imbalance.

Recommended Upgrade: Warm Bergamot Hair and Scalp Treatment | 30 mins | $ 75

Get Glow

1hr 30 mins | $225

La Gaia Foot Ritual | Body Polish | Body Mask | Rain Shower Ritual | Body Moisturise

La Gaia full-body polish and rehydrating masque is a transforming treatment for the body. Formulated to gently remove dead skin cells and moisturise from head to toes, until the skin is smooth, soft and drenched with hydration. Sink into your happy place while tucked in a luxurious cotton cocoon wrap; surrendering busy minds to a calming head and scalp massage followed by an aromatic-enhanced rainwater shower. Finish off with all-over La Gaia body crème, then sip an iced, organic Sun herbal tea.

Recommended Upgrade: La Gaia Precious Elements Massage | 30 mins | $ 75

Flower Sanctuary Ritual

1hr 45 mins | $250

La Gaia Foot Ritual | Organic Coconut & Jasmine Body Polish | Australian Floral Hydrating Cocoon |  Facial | Neroli & Rosehip Facial Massage | Radiance Face Mask | Full Body White Flannel Flower Souffle Vanilla Infused Oil Foot Reservation Massage

This popular ritual offers a head-to-toe degustation of therapies. Connect with your inner joy while sumptuous ingredients are lovingly employed to restore a radiant all-over glow. Suitable in pregnancy after the first trimester.

Recommended Upgrade: Organic vanilla infused neck/back/shoulder massage | 30 mins | $ 75

Oceanic De-Stress Ritual

2 hrs | $275

Osprey Foot Ritual | Organic De-Stress Sea Salt Therapy Scrub | Organic Aromatherapy Full-Body Massage |  Facial

Draw energy from the healing power of nature, while breathing new life back into the soul with this soothing head to toe balancing ritual. With a relaxing full-body massage and anti-ageing facial this calming treatment is designed to leave you feeling de-stressed and restore an all over healthy radiance.

Recommended Upgrade: Warm Bergamot Hair & Scalp Massage Treatment | 30 mins | $ 75

Coastal Dunes Freedom Ritual

1hr 30 mins | $225

Osprey Foot Ritual | Bergamot Soothing Head & Scalp Massage | Organic Italian Orange & Jojoba Body Buff | Nourishing Organic De-Stress Body Soufflé | Cucumber Foot Massage and Lower Leg Mask

The mesmerising patterns in the surrounding dunes ease mental fatigue and bring the mind into a tranquil meditative state of relaxation. Fall into a state of ultimate, deep relaxation while connecting the body and mind through focus on the feet and head. The inclusion of a full body scrub and hydrating soufflé leaves you feeling carefree and fabulous.

Recommended Upgrade:  Express Facial | 30 mins | $ 75